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From: Dean Jackson
Money Making Websites!

Dear Friend,

   If you've been thinking about getting a website, or replacing the website you have, you've come to the right place.

   This letter will show you a completely turn-key way for you to get a website that's GUARANTEED to make you money, and the best part is -- you can  have your website in as little as two weeks.

   When you get a Money Making Website, you get a completely turn-key internet marketing system like the one at with everything set up so all you have to do is follow-up with all the leads. Plus: you'll get personal coaching and consulting until you're making money.

  •  FREE Web hosting 
  •  FREE Get Response account 
  •  FREE e-mail @ your
  •  FREE Transfer or Registration of

   Once your site is up and running, you'll have a complete turnkey system that will generate a constant flow of new prospects for your business.

   That's the ONLY purpose of this site.

   This isn't a personal promotion site, there will be very little mention of you. Very little mention of your team. In fact, there will be very little mention of anything but completely client centered information.

   The goal is to have this site fly under your prospects advertising radar, and seem as if it's the official real estate information site for your community.

   This is not a personal promotion website, or a reflection of your "personal style" or preferences. It doesn't have to blend with the overall "look" of the rest of your marketing collateral or your personal brochure. This site is a completely customer centered Direct Response website.

   The bottom line is...a website is just a tool. Without the training and the knowledge of how to make it work, you'll be spinning your wheels.

   So, here's exactly what's going to happen over the 90-days we work together to set up your website system...and get it making you money!

  • Choose and register (or transfer) a GREAT domain name
  • Get all the information we need to customize and set up your website.
  • Get all the tools you'll use to integrate this system into your business.

   The set-up process should be done in less than 2 weeks from the time we get all your information and the links you'd like on your site.

   This means you don't have to do ANY design work, you don't have to learn HTML or any programming, you don't have to write any of the words that go on your website, EVERYTHING is done for you.

   Once your website is set-up, we'll walk through every page of your site, showing you step-by-step how every element of it works -- from the front entrance, to how the leads will look when they come through to you as prospects.

   Every question will be answered. Every detail covered. It's important that you really understand how your website works, and the psychology behind it. We take all the time necessary so you feel comfortable with the way everything works.

   Once your site is set-up and ready to'll get the display ads, classified ads, homes magazine ads, voicemail scripts and EVERYTHING you need to start getting visitors to your site.

   You'll choose from your library of marketing tools everything you'll need to get as many visitors as you'd like, and all the e-mail correspondence templates to convert them to true prospects for your business.

   Most website developers will give you your website and turn you loose.

   They're more concerned that you're happy with the way your website "looks" [or more importantly how it will look in their portfolio] -- That's why so few websites actually make money! They leave you hanging on the most important part of it. The MARKETING!

   My only goal is to get you up and running and generating business with your website quickly so you learn how to use it as a marketing tool. You'll be able to take it from there, and have a money making website!

   Once you've got visitors coming to your website, you'll quickly see how easy the process is to manage, and we'll be with you every step of the way for the first 60-90 days to track the process and start building your pipeline of future prospects.

   Odds are, you'll have done at least one transaction from your website by the time the first 60-days is up....and if you haven't done at least one transaction by then, we'll work with you until you do.

   Once you've done your first transaction, you'll see how easy it is to do it again and again.

   I'm completely committed to making your website profitable. Not just profitable, but one of the most wildly profitable divisions of your business!

   This is part of a system that I have developed over 10 years, and have set-up completely turnkey for you. You'll be able to use this part of your system not just for your website, but also for all your other lead generation systems.

   It's a complete one year follow-up program that you can use by mail or e-mail with all your prospects who are going to buy a home in the next 12 months.

   I've discovered that most Realtors would be RICH if they could only save a fraction of what drops through the cracks in their follow-up system! This is something you can use with all your marketing efforts...not just your website.

   Some of the top Realtors and Lenders in North America are using Money Making Websites.

   What I'm most excited about is hosting this network of really bright people!

   You'll be invited to participate in some high level brainstorming mastermind calls with other people who are using the same website you are. We'll share what's working best, what new developments people are testing, and the strategies that are working right now.


   My favorite thing in the world is discovering new information.

   In fact, it's the name of my company. I spend MOST of my time reading, talking to marketing innovators, discovering new things, and figuring out how to apply them to Real Estate. My next favorite thing is to share what I learn with everyone I know, and learn from other people. is where I get to share everything I discover, you can share YOUR ideas...and we all learn from each other.  Want to join us?

   If you're ready to get a Money Making Website...It's easy to do.

   You'll start with our simple start-up form

   The total cost for your Money Making Website is $1500 for the initial set-up... and only $178 a month after the first month for all the service fees, autoresponder account, registration, hosting & access to our best realtor programs.

     If you have questions, or you'd just like to talk to someone before you get started, I'd be happy to talk to you, better yet, you could talk to Diane, who will actually take you through the first couple of steps . You can call Diane (863) 318-0464. We're  in Florida, so it's Eastern Time. You can also e-mail us at

   I'm look forward to working with you to create a Money Making Website!

   Click Here to get started right now...

Dean Jackson
NewInformation!, Inc.
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